• Age: 13
  • Place of birth: Willow-Brook, Maine.
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Sky blue
  • Clique: Rustic
  • Willow Mistt grade: Initiate (Second year)

Special Skills: Athlete, broom flying and martial arts. Magic Specialty: Elementalism.

Amy is a bit rough around the edges for a typical witch. She loves running, jumping, playing sports and competing in just about anything. When it comes to sports Amy excels and she hates losing just as much as she lovers to win. She’s the kind of friend that will push you to better and never give up.

Amy is a natural witch in every sense of the word. She grey up in Idaho and moved with her family to Willow brook when her father was offered the position of Sheriff there. She had over the years trained herself to perform little feats of magic mostly involving nature and had no idea there was others like her also until she befriended Lilian and was brought to the attention of school headmistress Miss Mistt.

Amy has a connection to nature that her training as a witch has increased. She can call wind and rains. Fly on a broom faster than anyone at the school and talk to plants and animals. Amy’s athleticism and love of nature makes her an excellent camper and many times she has lead her friends on a hikes to her favorite place Buccaneer hill.

Likes: Sports, Nature, Winning

Dislikes: Losing, looking too girly and people who give up.