Latest news: 11 September 2014 reformatting from 6.6x10.5 to 8.5x11 announced to reduce to under 200 page count.

Witch Girls: Book of Shadows (also referred to as WGA-BoS or version 2.0) is the planned second edition of the Witch Girls Adventures RPG. A kickstarter for it ran in 2012 and a couple years later it still is not out.

The Director's Cut (edition 1.5) was published to introduce some of its new changes while it is being finished.

Book of Shadows was eventually renamed Respelled and released.


Various covers were presented but it seems to be going through a lot of layout changes.



15 handouts numbered 1-16 were uploaded to the site to advertise the new game.

Note: Handout 9 appears to be missing from the site.




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