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Black is a villain referred to in page 16 of OWG! by Janette, talking about how her aunt Helena went wicked after his defeat until her boyfriend Harlan brought her back.

He is later revealed to be Deacon Black.

The Adventures RPG reveals his full name to be Deacon Silas Black. His stats are on page 136. Meaning his given name is probably Silas and Deacon is his religious title.

He leads a group of Witch Hunters called Malleus Maleficarum.


in 1899 a threat to the world was foiled by an unlikely group of heroes who afterwards went their separate ways and on to their separate legends.

And then there was Silas Black, a man of fire and hate who stood with his greatest foes to bring the darkness that came to London to heel.


Deacon Black, The most feared man alive.

Aye, I’m him. The one the cursed witches fear more than Lucifer himself. They hate me, and I hate them with all my heart.

They killed the priests that raised me, they kill and torture the poor men, women and children that live on this good earth and they would rule us in the name of evil itself, if it wasn’t for me and my crusade.

For I follow the good book and the good book says “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”