This free things page is for organizing and providing information about free downloadable PDFs which Channel M Publishing consents for DriveThruStuffRPG to make available for free downloads. These are materials anyone can get with basic information about the game and setting.

This includes entire things which are free, and partial PDF previews which are free.

Channel MEdit is a free PDF comic provided by the site. "BOS" refers to Book of Shadows. The first comic "Witch Hunt" is actually included in the original Adventures RPG and then there is an ad for something called "the Underburbs" then a new comic called "The New Girl" which was not in the original RPG. Then after that there are the 6 character profiles of the new Witch Girls from the site.

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On October 30, 2013 to promote the upcoming books, Channel M provided promotional links which allowed people to download the older books for free. These include:

Although the freebies allegedly were to exper November 2, they are still active as of December 31.

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These things have no free previews:

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Pages where Channel M gives out free things: