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Harlan Macbeth is a Janette's history teacher, introduced on page 14 of OWG!. He and her aunt Helena grow attracted to one another.

After Jan and Anna fail to murder him through drowning, his status as an Immortal is revealed. He dresses as a pirate at the Halloween party in the secnod story.

It is later revealed that Macbeth may only be an assumed name by Harlan (if that's his real name). He is also revealed to be known as a soldier (ranked sergeant) named John Harlan. A later Facebook post reveals he has also gone by John Henry.


in 1899 a threat to the world was foiled by an unlikely group of heroes who afterwards went their separate ways and on to their separate legends.

John Harlan aka John Henry and many other names would be sent by the American government to London to help save the world. He wold be the first to stand at the Stormwall.


In my 500 years plus of life I’ve been a lot of things; Hunters on the plains of Africa, Pirate, Steel driving man, Pinkerton and today I’m an agent for Uncle Sam.

The Storm-wall department has us hopping all over the place keeping the united states safe from the strange (If the only knew how strange thing really were). It’s A wild ride and though they pay me well I would do it for free and fancy toys I get to play with.