Millicent Nightbane is the elder sister of Lucinda Nightbane. Her lil sis nicknames her Millie.

Millie nicknames her sister Lucy.

They are both the daughters of Mr. Nightbane and Ms. Nightbane.

Millie is dating a boy named Adam whom Lucy turned into a lobster.

In BWFF Lucinda is told by her friend Annabelle Deville "sorry about my Aunt Helena contacting your sister" indicating that Millie has been in contact with Helena Deville.


The middle name of Millicent has been somewhat inconsistent, with at least 3 different ones being given at separate times.

  1. Areiana was added at an unknown date and year to her profile. Full description: Millicent Areiana Nightbane: 1st Princess of the Empire and Culanary Arts student at City University.
  2. Adriana was added February 9, 2012, to Facebook at her first Millicent category image. Full description: Millicent Adriana Nightbane, First Princess of the empire.. I guess now she's the Empress considering what happened to mom and dad.
  3. Vilena was added July 16, 2012 on Facebook at her Who's Who page. Full description: Princess Millicent Vilena Nightbane. First Princess and Lady of the Dragon Isles.


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