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cover appearing on page 6 of Channel M Seasons Greeting! freebie.

Nemesis is a superhero RPG being developed by Malcolm.

He mentioned 54m in an interview that both it and Macho take place in the same dimension as the Witch Girls stories.

It was advertised as coming out Winter Solstice (December 22) 2012.


The game has had several tentative subtitles which have changed during the development process. These include:

  • The Super Punk Roleplaying Game
  • A Perfect World
  • The Game of Modern Mythology
  • Modern Mythology is planned to be published



Nemesis Remix Teaser 1 The End is only the beginning

Nemesis Remix Teaser 1 The End is only the beginning.

Remix descriptionEdit

25 Mar 2011

Nemesis Remix takes the genres of Superheroes and Cyberpunk and merges them together in Superpunk a genre where post-human battle in a world rising from the ashes.

Coming out next year, we introduce you to our world and RPG with the help of the Kronus Quartet perform "Requiem for a Dream".

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