Nightbane is the surname of the Nightbanes, the Nightbane family includes:

  1. Arturus, father
  2. Talia, mother
  3. Millicent, elder sister
  4. Lucinda, younger sister

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Nightbane is a term that also refers to:

  1. Wikipedia:Nightbane, a 1995 RPG series produced by Palladium Books, was originally titled Nightspawn until the name was changed in response to a lawsuit from Todd McFarlane, developed of the 'Hellspawn' series. Its books can be seen here or at w:c:Rifts:Nightbane.
    • Palladium's Nightbane RPG notably also uses the term The Becoming which appears on page 28 of the Witch Girls Adventures RPG. Unlike happening to Witches around 6 years old (as low as 2, as late as 10), this tends to happen to dormant unawakened Nightbane around puberty. There are similarities though.
  2. w:c:Warcraft:Nightbane refers to a boss, clan, quest and staff in the 2005 "Burning Crusade" expansion to the World of Warcraft MMORPG.