OWG! (standing for Original Witch Girls) is a compilation publication of the Witch Girls comics and Witch Girls Tales Volume 1 comics. It collects the stories of a separate group prior to the Witch Girls Tales Volume 2 comics series. See People for contributors/creators.

This series stars the team original Witch Girls, not the newer new Witch Girls of the 2nd volume of the WGT series.


Followed by pages numbers:

  1. Forward 2
  2. Janette's Tale 3
  3. Halloween Spook-tacular 17
  4. I Choose You 42
  5. Witch Like Me 49
  6. Wham 61
  7. Kissing Frogs 72
  8. Villainess 83
  9. Mother's Day 94
  10. Shopping's a Witch 105
  11. The Magic Lesson 114
  12. The Endora Factor 125
  13. Beyond Convention (chapter) 145
  14. Sketches 154
  15. Fan Art 166
  16. Witch Girls Adventures Appendix 182


In a podcast interview, Malcolm Harris said that the comics first came out in 2004 (this would be under the Manga Graphix label that morphed into Channel M later)


He also said it was optioned as a movie in 2005. See Witch Girls movie.


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There are also many partial images which are scrambled and have to be manually put together, for example: