Princess Lucinda is the name of a comic book spinoff of Witch Girls Tales starring Princess Lucinda Nightbane. While slated for 6 issues, only three (0,1,2) have been produced.


  1. August 6 2010: Issue 0
  2. March 7 2013: ABC's of Transmutation
  3. March 13 2013: Born Bad
  4. June 23 2013: "Book One" Black Rose of the Empire
  5. month? day? year?: "Book Two" Princesses in the city


Malcolm Harris, creator:

"Princess Lucinda is the prequel to Witch Girls Tales"
"Lucinda has just turned 12"
"Princess Lucinda will be a six-issue color limited series. Each issue will be 44 pages and include a 30-32 page story, Lucinda gallery, Witch Girls Adventures game material and more."


January 18 2013 previews from Abby Soto at Source presumably for issue 2 of the 6 part series (not including issue 0).


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  • 12 all from July 16, 2012

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  4. Two: Issue 2 has not yet been published
  5. Three: Issue 3 has not yet been published
  6. Born Bad: File:PrincessLucindaBornBad104512-sample.pdf

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