The Willow Mistt School of Magic (referred to in WGA as Willow-Mistt Academy) is one of the many schools of magic world wide. Here young witches come for academic and mystical training.

Among the 60 students are many unique girls and among them a unique group of friends. All different all special in their own way. Meet the Girls of Willow Mistt always up for a little fun and adventure


The school's name is derived by combining its location (Willow-Brook, Maine) with the name of the one who runs it, Headmistress Amora Mistt.

Upon investigation, there isn't a specific town called Willow-Brook in the state of Maine. However, there is a Willowbrook Museum Village in the town of Newfield, Maine.


Mistt is assisted by a variety of staff members:


Willow mistt uniforms by comingfullcirce-d4h1s1y

The girls' uniforms were designed by comingfullcirce



These are characters illustrated by comingfullcirce: