Witch Girls Tales is the new series. It is called Volume 2 to disambiguate it from the earlier Witch Girls Tales Volume 1 also using the WGT label which was collected in the OWG! anthology with the Witch Girls comics. Its production date is listed on the cover as July 2009.


  1. Witch Hunt
  2. The New Girl
  3. Witch Girls Files
  4. No Good Deed
  5. With Girls Adventure Appendix
  6. Gallery

The first two chapters were later released for free to the public, bundled together to promote other comic series. The Appendix/Files/Gallery and the NGD story can only be obtained by buying it.


Sample Art from Witch Girls Tales Issue 1 (which had 48 pages) by Phouong Hong Au Nugyen and Teddy Riawen was featured on WGT comic. It is not known if there is a second issue.

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